Maiden Name / Yard Sale - Cassette Split

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Yard Sale and Maiden Name are two Kelowna bands that have just begun their musical endeavors, both recently releasing a small EP of songs which we've compiled together on a split indie punk/pop punk cassette release! Double the fun!

Each purchase of a cassette tape comes with an optional digital download of all 4 tracks from both artists. When placing an order please mention in the notes you would like to receive a digital download.

Track Listing:
Side A: Yard Sale - Yard Sale
1. Waste of Time
2. Going to Bed Angry
3. Bus Loop
4. Better Off

Side B: Maiden Name - Dull Grey
1. Dull Grey
2. Pick off the Mold
3. White Noise
4. Self Sabotoge

Pressing Information

60 - Random